AC-014-Acres of Diamonds from Fumio Toyoda Sensei- The Gift of Wisdom from a Master

aikicast acres of diamonds podcast

AikiCast brings you a new segment called ‘Diamond Mining Friday’ which is a shorter podcast with some nuggets of wisdom that Blaine shares from his time with Toyoda Shihan. The Diamond Mining Friday segment will air every friday as Blaine mines his journals, as well as his 20 plus years of teaching experience for the diamonds that he was given by Toyoda Sensei. Some of the diamonds are direct wisdom Toyoda Sensei shared with Blaine, the regular students, the uchi deshi, or other instructors, while others are ones that needed time and experience before he was able to see the wisdom in the lesson. Grab a pen and a pad because Blaine plays a clip from the famous Earl Nightingale called “acres of diamonds” which is a great story with some timeless wisdom, as well as 12 tips for lifetime success in all things. Follow these 12 tips and your life will ultimately change for the better.



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