Action Jackson and the Law Of Attraction-How to Become a Deliberate Creator!

AikiCast Law of Attraction podcast

This episode of Diamond Mining Friday is a big one and an important one as it covers a topic that is, for some, controversial, and for others, a way of life. For Blaine, becoming a deliberate creator of experiences, opportunities, abundance, relationships, and health began when he was an uchi deshi (live-in student) in Chicago. His study of Aikido and Zen lead him to begin studying Universal Principles and the laws of cause and effect. Gaining an understanding of these principles lead him to seek out specific ways to utilize these principles for his own benefit as well as the benefit of others.

Over the past 20 years, Blaine has been effectively using these principles in his Aikido classes and seminars and to start several successful businesses, get in better shape, experience better health, eliminate toxic relationships and attract healthy ones, create opportunities that seemed distant or non-existent, and lead an overall extraordinary life and lifestyle.

There’s no talk about quantum physics and no secrets revealed since everything Blaine uses on a daily basis has been well known practice for thousands of years. The practices are literally as simple as breathing, walking, and thinking, although its not always easy to break the negative patterns that have become habit for so many people.

Grab a pencil and a pad of paper for this one because there are literally life changing tips in this episode! If you’re interested in hearing the private podcast on ‘How using positive affirmations are causing the opposite of what you want!”, head over to www.AikiCast.com and join the AikiCast Tribe today to start receiving the private podcasts.

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