AikiCast Listener Questions Answered-Session 4

AikiCast podcast listener questions answered

In this episode of the AikiCast question and answer session, Blaine tackles 2 big topics: starting your own martial arts business and what to do about the current state of police abuses in the U.S.

The first question from Paolo is about being a full time instructor and what advice Blaine recommends for somebody considering becoming a full time martial arts instructor. Blaine gives him his personal experiences from starting and running several businesses over the past 20 years and how to start a martial arts business, run it successfully and still maintain passion for the art.

The second question comes from Chris and is about the current situations we see almost every week where somebody is either abused or killed by the police and what Blaine’s thoughts are from the perspective of an Aikido instructor. Blaine gives him his viewpoint as a trainer of law enforcement as well as an informed citizen and concealed carry proponent.

This episode is filled to the brim so get ready for some action!

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