Aikido in Daily Life-Taking emotional ukemi for greater freedom and success!

Aikicast podcast emotional ukemi

In this episode Blaine talks about an experience he had with Toyoda Sensei that wasn’t so pleasant but how it ultimately lead to a better friendship with him. It happened while Blaine was working for him at the Japanese Culture Center in Chicago, IL. Toyoda Sensei misinterpreted a phone call that was meant for Blaine and ended up yelling at Blaine and making accusations that he was leaving Sensei to join the military. Although this wasn’t true, it was the last straw for Blaine and he resigned his post at Tenshinkan Dojo.

Blaine made his way back to his hometown where he began a small Aikido program at a health club that eventually grew into a large Aikido school. Throughout the year after Blaine left Chicago there was no contact with Toyoda Sensei since they were both angry with each other. However, after a particularly timely phone call from another Sensei to check in with Blaine, he received some advice that would ultimately lead him to go back to Chicago and patch up the relationship. What he learned through the process is a priceless life lesson which Blaine talks about in the show.

Aikido in daily life-Taking Emotional Ukemi is all about how to take responsibility for everything that happens in our lives whether we feel we’re responsible for them or not. Listen in for some more wisdom on how to be a stronger, healthier and more fulfilled human being through these martial lessons! Enjoy!

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  1. Very interesting! I have listened to this several times and acquire a bit more understanding each time.

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