DMF-004- Live Like Your Hair Is On Fire!

AikiCast Aikido Podcast episode 4

In this session of Diamond Mining Friday, Blaine talks about some more Zen wisdom that was gleaned from his time as an uchi deshi studying Aikido and Zen. This diamond was mined from a realization Blaine had while sitting at Toyoda Sensei’s funeral in 2001.

The phrase ‘Light your hair on fire’ comes from a Zen concept of meditating like one’s hair was on fire which is a challenge to any student to be totally committed to the act at hand. Blaine relates this concept to his experiences and goes even deeper with it, explaining how it means more than just doing things with intensity. It also means living with one’s own mortality in mind and doing what you think about doing but haven’t gotten around to yet.

The seed for this episode was planted while studying Zen and Aikido classes when Blaine heard a phrase from a Zen Master who said, “Meditate like your hair is on fire”. ¬†While sitting in a church during Toyoda Sensei’s funeral Blaine had an epiphany about the impermanence of things and the importance of getting done what needs to be done.

Listen to this episode of AikiCast Diamond Mining Friday and found out exactly what diamonds were mined from his experience.

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