DMF-Carry My Bags Chump!

AikiCast podcast sensei's otomo

In this episode of AikiCast-Diamond Mining Friday, Blaine talks about the lessons he learned while being the traditional martial arts role of Otomo. The otomo is typically the person who accompanies the Aikido, Karate, Kendo, or any other sensei on travels and carries the sensei’s bags, opens doors, and more or less, handles all of the mundane details for the teacher. This role is often confused with that of an uchi deshi since the otomo is quite often the uchi deshi but they are two separate roles. One does not have to be an uchi deshi to be the otomo for the sensei.

The Otomo is an important role for both the sensei and the student because the role of otomo is one that requires a vast expansion of one’s awareness and foresight in order to be successful. The otomo is expected to take care of the sensei’s things while travelling or even just moving about town, but also to be a protector, a door opener, a loose change picker upper, a coffee getter, and also a social assassin!

You’ll have to tune in to found out exactly what a ‘social assassin’ does…enjoy!

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