DMF-Stand Up To The Pain! Turning Pain and Fear Into Strength

aikicast podcast stand up to the pain

In this episode of AikiCast-Diamond Mining Friday, Blaine discusses a conversation he had with Toyoda Sensei about having a lot of pain in his back, knees, and hips from seated meditation (Zazen) training at Tenshinkan Dojo. Blaine discussed the issue with Toyoda Sensei expecting him to excuse Blaine from the practice but the diamond of wisdom that was shared would forever change the way that he looked at pain, fear, and discouragement. The phrase ‘this too shall pass’ doesnt even come close to expressing the ideas that were given by Toyoda Sensei regarding how to deal with pain, as well as fear and the variety of other emotions that we all experience as human beings.

Pain, fear and resistance are all part of the same pool of emotions that are integrated human alarm systems that give us clues to areas that need attention. When we face our pains and meet our fears head on we are addressing internal issues that need attention. When we run from, or avoid, our pain and fears we are simply decreasing our tolerance for dealing with these emotions. Pain and fear are parts of the human experience so its best to become familiar with, and tolerant of, our own pains and fears and learn how to turn them into opportunities to build strength.

Pull up a chair, open a cold one, put your feet up and get ready for a solid half hour of Zen and Martial Arts wisdom on this Diamond Mining Friday.

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