DMF-The power of Kime and Burning your Boat!

aikicast power of kime and burn your boat podcast

In this episode of AikiCast Diamond Mining Friday, Blaine explains how he learned the real meaning of the word ‘Kime’ as it was used by Toyoda Sensei during Aikido classes at the dojo. He also talks about the power of asking questions and the reason to re-examine one’s beliefs periodically and ask the vital questions that may lead to breakthroughs and eliminating limiting beliefs.

Blaine also introduces the concept of ‘burning one’s boat’ after making a decision. This is a concept that comes from the Grecian army commanders ordering their soldiers to burn their boats once they landed on an enemie’s shores. This makes it impossible to retreat and creates an intensity amongst the soldiers to succeed or die since there is no way out. This is great advice for any time one is faced with a life change or big decision to make. Gather all of the necessary info, way all the important data, make a decision and then ‘burn your boat’, meaning eliminate any chance of turning back. Focus on success and realize success!

Lots of great stuff in this episode!

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