DMF- The Real Meaning of Shugyo and how to use it to get stuff done!

the meaning of shugyo

In this episode Blaine discusses his understanding of the meaning of the word ‘Shugyo’ which is typically translated as ‘auster training’ or ‘intense training’. Blaine explains how he came to first understand the concept and how he has used the concept to enhance his life. Shugyo can be a descriptive concept and idea but also an active idea to be used as a way to find the things one knows they should be doing but are, for whatever reason, procrastinating on. Use Shugyo to clear out the clutter in your mind and soul and do the tough tasks that we all tend to avoid. Shugyo is not just a martial arts term related to a hard practice at the dojo, it is a way of seeing things in order to push oneself to do more, be more and experience more!

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