Guardian or Warrior? When the sheepdog becomes the wolf-Part2

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This is part 2 of an AikiCast special 3 part segment addressing the difficult and highly charged topic of police brutality, police killing of unarmed citizens, and the standards by which police investigate themselves in use of force incidents. Blaine covers a vast number of topics in this 3 part series which includes busting 3 of the biggest myths surrounding the profession of policing, taking a critical look at several of the most recent killings of unarmed citizens by police officers, discussing the rules under which police officers conduct themselves and discussing how martial arts should be taught and used by law enforcement individuals as a force for good and for saving people, not for doing damage to more people.

Topics covered in the 3 part series includes: the police murders of Freddie Gray, Eric Garner, Dillon Taylor, Oscar Grant, Jonathan Crawford III, Tamir Rice, the tactics utilized by police officers around the country, the myth of the good cop, the myth of police protection, the myth of the danger of policing, Graham V Connor, Warren V District of Columbia, Joseph Lozito and Maksim Gelman, Officers Jesse Kidder, Bron Cruz, Timothy Loehman, Johanes Mehserle, Terrance Howell, and Daniel Pantaleo, the difference between a guardian and a warrior and the myth of the sheepdog protecting the sheep from the wolf.

Show Notes and links:

Law Enforcement Sites
Interesting article regarding Graham Vs Connor that talks about ‘reasonableness’ and how the officer needs to write their reports so as to be sure to explain how ‘reasonable’ they were in their actions.
“Each key is no more or less important than the other, but provide for a foundation of how one can justify “reasonable” force. Your police reports should reflect the reasonableness that you used to determine when force was applied. Your definition of reasonable is all that matters, and SCOTUS has determined that time and time again.”
Report on Ferguson, Mo. police department by the department of justice. One can gain a sense of the report by reading the chapter titles.
Dillon Taylor shooting video
Eric Garner choking video
Tamir Rice shooting video
John Crawford shooting video
Video of police interrogating John Crawford’s  girlfriend after his death
Freddie Gray videos
Officer Jesse Kidder video

Police Accountability sites:
Reddit forum devoted to police abuse
“The martial arts don’t work on the streets.” I’ve heard this statement by many nationally-recognized defensive tactics trainers throughout my career. I have always found two things quite ironic each time the statement has been made. First, many trainers making such a statement had never worked the streets, and second, every empty-hand technique they taught could be found somewhere in the martial arts.
Article on police unions
Article on police unions
Cops gone wild documentary

Whistleblower Cop Story
Story about Officer Crystal

Most Dangerous Cops in the World
Story about which country has the most dangerous cop culture in the world
Joe Rogan podcast with 11 year Baltimore police veteran

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