Miles Kessler-Aikido at the Leading Edge

Aikido at the Leading Edge

In this AikiCast interview series, Blaine talks with martial arts and meditation thought leader, Miles Kessler, founder and Dojo Cho of the Integral Dojo in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Miles has created a 10 day telesummit called ‘Aikido at the Leading Edge’ with over 40 martial artists, thought leaders, meditation teachers, authors, and skilled trainers from a variety of disciplines.

You can participate in the Aikido at the Leading Edge but YOU MUST REGISTER so that you can get a link to all of the activities. The great thing about the telesummit is that its completely free for the 10 days of the summit and for about 1 week afterwards. Use the link below to register for the summit:

Aikido at the Leading Edge Telesummit Link

Don’t miss this one!!

Aikido At The Leading Edge 10 Day Telesummit!

Check out the Aikido at the Leading Edge 10 day Telesummit!

Here’s the link to Miles Kessler’s story about Spiritual Protection discussed in the podcast:

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