Top 5 Social Media Marketing Tips for Martial Arts Schools in 2015

social media marketing tips for martial arts schools

In this AikiCast Special Business Edition, Blaine goes into detail about what he considers to be the ‘Top 5 Social Media Success Tips for Martial Arts Schools’. ┬áThe tips and tactics discussed in this podcast can, and should, be applied to any small business wanting to see more internet traffic, higher search engine rankings, better engagement from Facebook friends and fans, and an overall increase in the potential clients, customers, and students.

These tips are not, by any means, an exhaustive list of recommended practices but instead a basic starting point for many martial arts schools and small businesses not taking advantage of all the varied and various free marketing channels available today. There are a handful of social media tools that, in the long run, end up being wasted time with little to no return on an entrepreneur’s time and energy while just a small handful of the social media tools, if used correctly and with a specific strategy, can do wonders for any martial arts school or small business in 2015.

While these social media tips and tactics may be rudimentary and basic for many martial arts schools and entrepreneurs already using these tools, for others they will be new information that wasnt known prior to the podcast. Blaine uses several of his own businesses to test and track everything that is discussed in this episode and has seen great success in his own martial arts and real estate businesses in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His local website averages between 1500 and 2000 page views per month which is a phenomenal number of views and visitors for a non-franchised, local martial arts school. Most local Aikido and martial arts schools and dojos typically get 20 to a couple hundred page views and a handful of unique visitors each month depending on their marketing methods and how active they are using the social media tips and tactics discussed in the podcast.

Listen, take some notes, subscribe on Itunes, rate and review, and feel free to email Blaine at blaine@aikicast.com with any questions or comments about this episode.

To your success in 2015!

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    Thank you Steven! Very happy that you got some value from that episode. Feel free to shoot me an email if you have any questions about the latest trends for martial arts business marketing and social media strategies. To your success!

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